Pool Consulting 

RecTec Management Group Inc. offers a wide variety of pool consulting. From new construction of pools or spas to renovation and retrofit, were here to provide consulting for your project. We provide a customized package to meet the specific needs of all our customers. We phase in our entire proposal to let you, the customer, evaluate our success and decide whether you wish to continue with our services. All of our agreements have critical target dates for review, inspection, evaluation, and/or billing to clearly lay out the project requirements and expectations. We can be there from conception all the way through to operation! 

Renovation and Retrofit:

RecTec offers renovation and retrofit pool consulting for facilities that are looking to update both timing equipment and pool features/equipment. For more information on this area of pool consulting Click here

New Construction: 

RecTec offers pool consulting for the construction of new facilities both in relation to timing equipment and pool/facility design. For more information on this area of pool consulting Click here

General Pool Consulting Areas:

1. Pool Shell

  • Shell Finishes
  • Waterline 
  • Racing Lane Anchores 
  • Racing Lane Markers
  • Depth and Delineation Markings
  • Underwater Lights, Windows, and Speakers

2. Pool Deck

  • Deck Finish 
  • Deck Drains
  • Deck Markings

3. Pool Mechanical

  • PVC Perimeter Shell Filtration Piping
  • Shell Fittings - Main Drains, Skimmers, Returns, and Specialty Fittings 
  • Overflow Gutter and Balancing Systems 
  • Filtration Tanks and Equipment 
  • FIltration Circulation Pumps
  • Backwash Systems and Sumps
  • Water Chemistry 
  • Water Leveling 
  • Heating 

4. Pool HVAC

  • Main Dehumidification Unit
  • In-Duct Heat and Cooling System and Controls Exhausting 
  • Duct Work Sizing and Placement 

5. Pool Electrical

  • Equipment Electrical Requirements
  • Equipment Disconnects and Starters
  • Equipment Low Voltage Timers and Health
  • Regulated Alarm Equipment

6. Diving Facilities

  • Pool Depth Adjustment
  • Diving Towers
  • Bubbler/Rippler Systems
  • Spring Boards

7. Competition/Training

  • Bulkheads
  • Headwalls
  • Movable Pool Bottom
  • Timing Systems and Scoreboards
  • PA Systems
  • Starting Blocks
  • Competition Equipment - Racing Lanes, Reels, Poles, Flags, Podiums, etc.
  • Training Equipment - Floor, Deck Equipment, Water Equipment, Deck Space
  • Spectator Seating

8. Safety/Maintenance Equipment and on Deck Equipment

  • Lifeguard Stands/Chairs
  • Build Code/Health Regulated Equipment 
  • Chair Lifts
  • Ramps
  • Auto Vac Systems 
  • Maintenance Equipment 

9. Other Areas of Service Avaliable:

  • Hot Tubs and Dipping Pools
  • Steam Rooms
  • Saunas
  • Water Features 
  • Water Slides 

Sample Drawings 

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